PB  18/2021 - Trade, Productivity and competitiveness  Key Messages
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PB 18/2021 - Trade, Productivity and competitiveness Key Messages

8 June 2021


The further away from the firm level for the panel as a whole, and then deal with the center of the spiderweb the better a country’s the issue of sector level competitiveness in relation to performance. [...] Tanzania is lagging Kenya, Uganda and international specialization on the basis of comparative Rwanda on most components; its weakest spot is in the advantage and the issue of winners and losers from trade category ‘Trade across borders’. [...] observations) and somewhat unsharp because we look Productivity in general depends on the health of the at comprehensive aggregates that may hide underlying private sector and therefore productivity is to a large heterogeneity and because the sample size at the extent determined by a country’s business environment. [...] Therefore, the Figure 5a focuses on one of the key determinants of the efficacy of international trade – that is the ease of trading heatmap needs to be interpreted with caution. [...] This policy brief is an output of the project “Targeted support to strengthen capacity of policy makers, exporters, and trade associations to assess and review trade and related economic policies to promote trade competitiveness and diversification for widening trading opportunities with the EU”.

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