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Issue NO. 321 - JuNe 2021 - Occasional Paper

24 June 2021


6 The Story of ‘Multilatinas’ in India The story of Latin American investments in India runs parallel to that of the country’s economic growth. [...] It can be a difficult task for any foreign investor to comprehend and adapt to the Indian consumer’s peculiarities, including numerous regional and linguistic distinctions, demands in quality and pricing, and the brand’s The story of Latin image and ability to connect with the consumer. [...] In the American investments early stages of investment, in India runs parallel it is essential for companies to study and understand to that of the country’s the truly diverse profile of economic growth. [...] India’s service sector also has immense potential for future Latin American investment, especially given the dual advantages of nearshoring and offshoring to maintain operations round the clock.e Although a majority of the current Latin American investors (21 companies) in India are those present in value chains, the companies targeting the Indian consumer invest nearly double the amount in compar. [...] These include Cemex, one of the world’s largest cement and building material companies, which nearly acquired the Nagpur-based Murli Industries for US$550 million, and reiterated even in 2018 its continued interest in the Indian market.23 Chile’s SQM, a global supplier of plant nutrients, lithium and chemicals, and one of the largest lithium producers in the world, entered India through a JV in 20.


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