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BRS: Non-Residential – Routine Cleaning - Building and Residential Services (BRS) SERVICE TYPE DEFINITION FREQUENCY

12 March 2021


BRS: Non-Residential – Routine Cleaning Please note: the following may vary depending on type and usage of space, construction finish, or customer requirements. [...] Building and Residential Services (BRS) Routine Cleaning – Non-Residential APPA Level 3 Service and Frequency (12 months) (5-day service) SERVICE TYPE DEFINITION FREQUENCY Office Areas High dust shoulder height and higher Once per week Sanitize all available horizontal Surfaces with Daily approved all-purpose cleaner/germicidal solution – *Will not move personal items unless authorized by staff. [...] Spot clean (Walls & Windows, Doors, Fixtures) Daily Spot clean floors (carpet or hard surface) Daily Low dusting of horizontal and vertical surfaces Once per week High dusting of horizontal and vertical surfaces Once per week Vacuum carpet Once per week Mop hard surfaces Once per week Carpet cleaning Twice per year Conference Rooms Empty trash/compost Daily Spot clean floors, tables, windows, and. [...] As needed and if Lounges/Ancillary applicable Areas Mop floors Daily Clean/sanitize other horizontal/vertical surfaces with Once per shift approved germicidal solution High/low dust Once per week Floor scrubbed/stripped and refinished Once er year Carpet vacuumed Once per week or more as needed Carpets cleaned Once per year Recycle Services Remove trash Twice per day or as needed Clean trash recep. [...] Auxiliary Services Schedule SERVICE TYPE DEFINITION FREQUENCY Waste Removal Removal of waste from the property (from All properties - Daily centralized waste containers) Staging and Surplus Set up and break down for events and discarding of As request – during unwanted items business hours *After hour rate will apply outside of business hours Pest Control Removal of waste from the property (from A.