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Mentoring guidelines - Advice for mentors and mentees

19 May 2021


If you work for the same company, it’s also beneficial for the mentee to understand the corporate role of the mentor, in order to appreciate the respect and recognition that the mentor has within the company. [...] Within the training records, ideally mapped to the C&C report sections, the mentor should review the progress in the report and provide a rating to ensure the mentee understands where they are against the required standard, and to enable the mentee to prioritise areas for development. [...] Things to consider: ■ can the mentee ask their line manager for exposure to new areas of work? ■ can the mentee request formal training from their line manager? ■ how should the mentee approach their line manager? ■ is the mentee ready to take on a lead role in a small project? ■ can the mentee gain all the necessary skills in their current role? ■ does the mentee need to change roles within their. [...] As a referee, the mentor will need to be satisfied (and eventually testify) that the candidate: ■ is working in a position of responsibility; ■ has the relevant competence and commitment in the field of chemical engineering to uphold the standing and reputation of IChemE. [...] The role of the mentor is to counsel the mentee on technical, professional and personal matters relating to the acquisition of sufficient training and experience (Initial Professional Development) to become a Chartered Member of IChemE.


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