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Process Safety CompetencyThe ISC released its second guidance document on process safety competency

11 June 2021


the individual and the aware and committed to the company. [...] • Aware of the risks associated • Understands the triggers for with the process occurring in action, the importance to act, • Able to make or authorise • Mastery in defining the basis the area/equipment. [...] 19 Engineering & Safety in design • Aware of the following • Applies under supervision • Provides comprehensive • Leads, evaluates, and design process safety related concepts the relevant legislative and technical input to design as delivers technical safety for Safety in Design: regulatory requirements, codes applicable to their industry to requirements as applicable to and standards relating to. [...] Asset integrity • Aware that Safety Critical • Able to track and report • Reviews maintenance and • Identifies risks to asset Elements require inspection and performance criteria and identify inspection results and trends. [...] task requirements and its • Aware of how human factors • Ensures plant and equipment characteristics, the individual’s influence human and safety • Identifies and responds to designs and tasks are designed competence and workplace performance.


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