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ISC Safety Lore - Key lessons from incidents - inadequate hazard identification

16 June 2021


Even though the 12-inch 4-sidecut piping was manufactured from the same specification of carbon steel, contained the same process fluid, and experienced similar process conditions as the 8-inch (20 cm) 4-sidecut piping that suffered the incident, the company turnaround management did not consider that components in the 8-inch 4-sidecut piping could also be too thin to allow the piping to continue. [...] The company did perform a hazard analysis in 1996, but that analysis failed to identify hazards created by the location of the water line drain in the shed. [...] Make sure to adopt the technique most appropriate to the current phase of the facility. [...] Make sure to periodically review the hazard identification in addition to the review in case of changes are made to the system either on technical or organisational level. [...] • When a change is made to the facility and the hazard identification needs to be re-done, ensure that the hazard register is updated to include any new hazards, or to remove hazards no longer relevant.



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