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Good practice in virtual HAZOPThe global pandemic of COVID-19 changed the world in many ways. Indus

9 June 2021


The nature of the virtual environment makes the contents and quality of the HAZOP briefing package all the more important. [...] In addition to all duties outlined in the IEC standard (IEC, 2016), the manager and the facilitator should agree upon the following items: โ–  selection of the virtual platform; โ–  whether to have the cameras on or off during the meeting; โ–  communication protocols; and โ–  the scheduled duration for each meeting. [...] 6 7 At the first session of the meeting, the facilitator should take the time to explain the process and the methodology and meeting software, such as how to raise your hand or comment. [...] 8 9 7.3 Examination 7.3.1 Kick-off meeting At the start of the study the facilitator should hold a kick-off meeting covering the following items: โ–  ensuring all participants received the briefing pack and have reviewed it; โ–  recap of the study procedure; โ–  discussion of the meeting rules: โ€“ how to ask questions; โ€“ how the software platform is going to be used and what features it has, ie thumbs up. [...] Everyone involved in the project should adjust their expectations as it is more likely to take longer to complete the study compared to a face-to-face study given the different format of the meeting.


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