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Approval of EngTech training programmes, qualifications or apprenticeships - A guide for programme providers and

19 May 2021


Through its conduct of programme approval, IChemE aims to recognise and share good practice in the education and development of the individuals who are working in the chemical engineering field and are proficient in the relevant skills and techniques, with a relatively practical understanding of the theoretical chemical engineering principles. [...] According to the Engineering Council’s Registration Code of Practice, approval attests to overall design, the depth and range of coverage, and the validity and reliability of the assessment. [...] 3.2 Taught delivery methods Various methods can be used to deliver a programme satisfying the learning outcomes, depending on the style of teaching appropriate to the organisation and the trainees, the number of trainees taught and the varied nature of content. [...] 4.2 Principal stages of approval The IChemE approval process has the following principal stages: n initial contact between the organisation seeking approval and IChemE; n preparation by the organisation and submission to IChemE; n appointment of assessors by IChemE; n preparation and virtual meeting with the panel of assessors; n report by the assessors to IChemE; n decision by IChemE’s Approval P. [...] Technicians therefore need the skills to manage their activities and to be aware of the various legal and ethical constraints under which they are expected to operate, including: n understanding the need for a high level of professional and ethical conduct in engineering and a knowledge of professional codes of conduct; n knowledge of the commercial, economic and social context of chemical enginee.


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