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19 February 2021 - Global Fund Prospective Country Evaluation - 2021 SYNTHESIS REPORT

5 July 2021


We examined aspects of grant design and implementation, and specifically aimed to evaluate: โ— how and why the NFM2 grants were modified along the grant cycle (during grant making, implementation, and grant revision); โ— how the Global Fund business model facilitated or hindered modifications along the grant cycle; and 1 โ— whether and how grants contributed to achieving progress towards (or away fro. [...] As a result, the PR INCAP added US$500,000 to the program and data quality intervention, to support the strengthening of the national HMIS and develop a system to enable to PR to track relevant community level indicators. [...] Additional funding revisions tended to occur earlier in the grant lifecycle, be initiated by the Secretariat and negotiated between the CTs, CCMs and grant recipients, and were based on reviews of high-priority activities approved in the register of unfunded quality demand (UQD). [...] However, by the time the new data on HIV incidence were released in Q1 of 2020, development of the NFM3 funding request was already underway and both the CT and PR considered it too late in the NFM2 grant cycle to undergo a grant revision. [...] Furthermore, the accumulation of budget in the last year of the grant cycle places additional pressure on PRs and SRs to avoid the Secretariat reallocating the resources through portfolio optimization.

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