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2nd Edition

15 May 2020


We hope that the publication will spark young people’s interest All the readers and users of this publication are requested to The content of this publication is for public benefit and copying thereof in SET opportunities and provide them and their parents and be generous and share the information with friends, family, is permissible. [...] The actual work setting depends on the type, Employment study occupy themselves with the design, development, size, location and financial resources of the employer and the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) production, assembly and testing of aircraft engines that skill, experience and area of specialisation of the engineer. [...] help to design and construct manufacturing facilities, of operating staff; the start-up of the plant; the efficient and occasionally having to first design a pilot plant (or a cost-effective running of the factory and solving problems. [...] The actual engineering education and dimensions of the equipment required for the operation work setting depends on the type of work and on the size, of units such as reactors, heating and cooling systems, filters location and financial resources of the employer. [...] The nature of the work may include research and design and capable of completing the very demanding engineering of new products, the writing of performance requirements course.

South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement