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CBCS HAND BOOK 2020-2021(_FINAL)- Latest G Section

20 January 2021


The research and teaching functions of the University were enhanced by the Report of the Sadler Commission and the gains were consolidated by the enactment of the Madras University Act of 1923, which governs the University with subsequent amendments made from time to time. [...] STUDENTSHIP OF THE UNIVERSITY The Studentship of the University of Madras is open to all without distinction of nationality, race, religion, community or sex. [...] CITIZENS’ RIGHTS The University of Madras recognizes that every citizen, and especially the student, has the following rights: • The right to be informed • The right to choose • The right to be heard • The right for redressal • The right to healthy environment • The right to have access to higher education These rights are adhered to by the Departments of the University and by the affiliated colle. [...] USAB is the authorized body of the University of Madras for attestation of certificates/marks statements of the University students applying for admission to foreign Universities. [...] In the event of death of the Students (arising out of accident) coverage of Rs.2,00,000/- and medical expenses of Rs.1,00,000/- In the event of accidental death of the students' bread winner parent/guardian, as a package Rs.1,00,000/- 14 UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS CBCS HANDBOOK 2020-2021 Any intimation of the occurrence giving rise to a claim should be made to the Company immediately by the Depart.