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Synthesis Report 2020 on China’s Carbon Neutrality - China’s New Growth

21 June 2021


The report sets out the broad outlines of decarboniza- an “all-win” pathway for deep decarbonization in China, tion, identifies key elements of strategy across the econ- facilitate the green and low-carbon transition of the omy and within individual economic sectors, and points Chinese economy, and help “tell the China New Growth toward continued research needs to support China’s Story.” success i. [...] I would like the international community in global climate agenda in to extend my deep gratitude and big congratulations a confident and open manner, laying the foundation for to the amazing and world-class author team and multilateral solutions to global issues. [...] China’s 14th Five- mutually-reinforcing goals and the issues that might Year Plan on economic and social development will be arise along the way; present and synthesize both published in March 2021, and the supporting plan on existing and new transition scenarios from multiple climate change will be finalized later in Fall at the same modeling and research teams; and identify a set of year. [...] LINKING NATIONAL SCENARIOS TO CHINA’S CARBON NEUTRALITY GOAL AND TO LIMITING WARMING TO 1.5°C This report explores the national and sectoral transitions necessary of emissions across the world, only global models are capable of to meet China’s carbon neutrality goal and limit warming to 1.5°C. [...] All of the 1.5°C scenarios from national models represent dynamics in China or in specific sectors in China—that is, explored here led to emissions reductions within the range of the global they do not represent the transitions taking place in the rest of the scenarios in 2050, although several temporarily fall out of the range.