cover image: TV Weathercasters’ Views of Climate Change Appear to Be Rapidly Evolving F


TV Weathercasters’ Views of Climate Change Appear to Be Rapidly Evolving F

16 Aug 2017

Thus, views among climate scientists, finding moderate these surveys were more inclusive—and presumably to high rates of climate change skepticism among more representative of the full range of views in the broadcast meteorologists. [...] Indeed, in • A majority of weathercasters (54% in 2016; 62% in our 2016 survey, 21% of weathercasters indicated that 2017) indicated that climate has changed in their their opinions about climate change had changed in communities over the past 50 years, including the past five years—with 82% of these people stating average temperature, heat waves, heavy downpours, that they have become more convin. [...] As shown in the most recent survey, many This evolution of views and reporting practices of those who noted local climate change over the may be indicative of a newly emerging role for past 50 years indicated harmful local impacts on weathercasters—that of local climate educator. [...] 2016) we least somewhat interested in reporting on air described Climate Matters, an extensive set of climate about projected local climate change impacts and education resources available to members of the approximately 90% of weathercasters believe their weathercaster community. [...] Nearly half of the 2017 respondents indicated that they had reported on the local impacts of climate change on social media FOR FURTHER READING (this response had grown from 39% in 2016); Henson, B., 2008: Science or scam? Weathercasters grapple many of the weathercasters inform the public with climate change.
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