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23 March 2021


That is visiting the beaches of the Baltic Sea in the North of Germany every the easy way to describe the outcome of climate change, if we continue summer. [...] FIRST ILLUSTRATION – bigger Nettie jumping out of water, her the ocean and big Nettie in the background covered in Net ] [Stage 2 – mom at the surface – swimming away] Anger, Blaming] She would swim and swim, exploring the ocean, admiring the vast Nettie reached the bottom of the sea. [...] When the eel reached the right place, it released the amber to the deep sea bottom, where the Heart of Sea was placed, and at the same time conveyed the boy’s words. [...] The rest of it either The most famous dragon in this day and age is called the Loch Ness made it back to the beach, where no one bothered to pick it up, because “monster,” although that isn’t the nicest way to refer to someone. [...] While the distinction enjoying the miracle of open borders —counted the islands off the between the gulf and the sea was deeply embedded in my mind from coast of Sweden, had the most horizon-opening breakfasts looking at the geography lessons, the state that the sea is in and the concept of the history-encompassing waves in Suomenlinna, enjoyed the chills dead zones escaped my mind up until an emb.