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UNDERSTANDING QATARI AMBITION The Curriculum 2016โ€“20 - An updated report with a

24 May 2021


Her programs, notably in education and social affairs, promulgated a near explicit Westernization of elements of the education curriculum, including the shift of the language of instruction from Arabic to English, 35 as well as the removal of a litany of antisemitic and extremist-orientated material. [...] To its credit, and with the exception of antisemitism and the Jewish/Israeli Other, the textbooks bravely touch upon the most sensitive issues: citizens and non-citizens, mosques in the West, slavery in the Gulf, Islam as a civilization which learned from others, tribal affiliation, enemies that are brothers, non-Arabs that helped build Islamic civilization, and discussions of democracy in a count. [...] This includes Herzl's support of the Ottoman-Muslim order in the Middle East, the acceptance of the partition plan in 1947, and the Arab blockade of the Tiran Straits in 1967 for no apparent reason. [...] There is the "Peace Treaty between Egypt and the Zionist Entity"; the "Arab peace process with Israel" comprised the framework for the 1991 Madrid Conference; the Oslo agreement was a corollary of "secret negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis"; there have been many rounds of "negotiations between the Arab and Israeli sides"; the 1994 "Jordanian-Israeli-Peace Treaty" was in fact a trea. [...] 52 The scope of the curriculum's contributors ranges from the RAND Corporation to a host of authors affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatar-based Egyptian Islamist Sheikh 53 Yusuf Al Qaradawi, for many years assigned to construct the Islamic Education textbooks.


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