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The reference framework of competences for democratic culture in brief (2021)



A toolbox for designing, implementing and evaluating educational interventions, in formal and non-formal settings The Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture (the Framework) is intended for use in all sectors of education systems from pre-school through primary and secondary schooling to higher education, including adult and vocational education. The heart of the Framework is its model of the competences that need to be acquired by learners if they are to participate effectively in a culture of democracy and live peacefully together with others in culturally diverse democratic societies. The Framework also contains descriptors for all the competences in the model and offers guidance on how the Framework can be implemented in education systems.This document is a summary but readers are encouraged to consult the full Framework (three volumes). Its primary aim is to help teachers and other education professionals get acquainted with the Framework. It emphasises three key aspects related to its use by teachers: pedagogy, assessment and a whole-school approach to promote the development of competences for democratic culture.


human rights, democratic citizenship and interculturalism