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Explaining the Rise of Minilaterals in the Indo-Pacific

16 September 2021


The past decade has witnessed a geopolitical churning in the Indo-Pacific region: new nomenclature is being created (e.g., from ‘Asia-Pacific’ to ‘Indo-Pacific’); new strategic alignments are being created; and minilateral groupings such as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (or Quad) have emerged. These forums are a result of the changing geopolitical dynamics in the region, and in turn, they will have strategic implications for the region. [1]


Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
Dr Rajeswari (Raji) Pillai Rajagopalan is the Director of the Centre for Security, Strategy and Technology (CSST) at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. Dr Rajagopalan was the Technical Advisor to the United Nations Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) on Prevention of Arms >>


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