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Poverty and Gender in Malawi : A Background Paper for the 2021 Malawi Poverty Assessment (English)

23 September 2021


The paper, which serves as a gender background paper for the 2021 Malawi Poverty Assessment, is structured as follows. It first presents the data and empirical strategy. Chapter two presents poverty data and discusses the intersection of poverty and gender. Poverty by household composition is essential for understanding gendered differences in poverty. From there, chapter three explores gender disparities in economic opportunities, following the analytical framework cited earlier. The authors will then move to potential drivers of economic outcomes: endowments (chapter four) and agency (chapter five). The last section offers conclusions.




gender equality rural area labor force participation household food security household composition gender gap household survey data infant mortality rate united nations general assembly gender disparity extreme weather event labor market information young woman allocation of resource births per woman high fertility rate households with child share of woman land tenure security poverty and equity number of adults demographic and health survey determinants of poverty primary completion rate form of violence against woman integrated household survey difference in poverty living standard measurement human capital investment adolescent fertility rate per capita expenditure panel data set teaching profession highly educated women degree of diversification school to work transition representative household surveys female adult poverty and gender dimensions of poverty stages of life rights to sell trade professional service adolescent pregnancy rate use of contraception wanted fertility rates

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Poverty and Gender in Malawi : A Background Paper for the 2021 Malawi Poverty Assessment
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