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GovTech State of Play : Challenges and Opportunities (English)

22 September 2021


This brief details the current status of our GovTech agenda that aims to support task teams engaging with clients to work on public sector modernization using technology and grappling with how proposed solutions align with the GovTech approach. This note also presents an overview of the GovTech portfolio, and the mapping of existing digital government projects to new areas of GovTech focus. Additionally, considering the progress made toward GovTech's goal, the note summarizes challenges and opportunities for teams developing GovTech projects.



education governance e-government civil registration digital government human resource management public service delivery financial sector development financial management information systems disruptive technology citizen engagement information and communication technologies world public sector development public finance decentralization and poverty reduction public sector economics the world region financial sector policy ict applications skills development and labor market public finance management public sector specialist global public good government system identification for development civil registration and identification public sector modernization financial management information system public financial management system data protection law equitable growth finance & institutions

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GovTech State of Play : Challenges and Opportunities
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