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Indian Military Platform Modernisation: Uncertainties, Challenges, and Progress

29 September 2021


Attribution: Kartik Bommakanti, Ed., “Indian Military Platform Modernisation: Uncertainties, Challenges, and Progress,” ORF Special Report No. 162, September 2021, Observer Research Foundation.

Introduction Assessing the changes in India’s military capabilities is not without its challenges, especially with regards to the three armed services securing their required needs in a timely manner. This report analyses the key platform acquisitions made by the Army, Navy, and Air Force between 2011 and 2021, and explores the trends for the forthcoming decade beginning 2021. India faces a challenging strategic environment that encompasses a wide swathe of geography, from the Western Pacific to the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Although not yet minatory, China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is expanding and could soon pose real threats to India. On its land frontiers, New Delhi is currently locked in a stand-off with China since May 2020 and a “hot” Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan, notwithstanding the current ceasefire. The balance of air power is also fragile and becoming increasingly adverse for India, given the two-front military challenge from Pakistan and China. Overall, the capabilities of the Indian military have not kept pace with the heightening threats confronting the country.


Kartik Bommakanti
Kartik Bommakanti is a Fellow with the Strategic Studies Programme. Kartik specialises in space military issues and his research is primarily centred on the Indo-Pacific region. He also works on emerging technologies as well as nuclear, conventional and sub-conventional coercion, particularly in the context of >>


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