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Invasion of the College Snatchers

30 September 2021


The 1978 cult classic film Invasion of the Body Snatchers opens with the protagonist, Elizabeth, finding a flower she believes is a new species formed from two other plants. The film takes the viewer on Elizabeth’s journey of realizing that this was not the case; instead, she and her friends discover the plant is an invasive creature that takes over the bodies of its human hosts. The first clue lies with Geoffrey, Elizabeth’s boyfriend, who no longer seems to be himself the morning after she brought the strange plant home: normally lighthearted and a bit messy, he was up and dressed before 7AM, cleaning the house, and ignored Elizabeth when she called his name. Elizabeth talked about what she suspected with a close colleague and friend, but struggled to get anyone to take her seriously. Instead, her friend suggested she meet with a psychiatrist he knew. By the time her friends realize Elizabeth was right, it is too late: the plants had invaded, and duplicated, nearly every resident of the city.


Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall is a senior fellow at The Century Foundation where she works on higher education policy. She is an expert on international higher education and teacher education policy.


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