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Medication Abortion Care Is Safe and Effective—It’s Time Everyone Has Equal Access

28 September 2021


Executive Summary Medication abortion care is incredibly safe and effective, yet it is heavily restricted by the Food and Drug Administration and state-level abortion laws. This report examines the available evidence, with a focus on recent research on the use of telemedicine to provide medication abortion care. The author of this report interviewed researchers, abortion providers, and patients on their experiences with medication abortion care, and their contributions to the evidence are considered as well. This report goes on to discuss barriers to access and recommendations to increasing equity in medication abortion care. The COVID-19 pandemic increased both demand and use of telemedicine provision of abortion care, and demonstrated just how safe and feasible that care is. In order to make equitable access a reality, restrictions on medication abortion care that are based in politics rather than science should be removed, and insurance coverage of abortion must be expanded.


Anna Bernstein
Anna Bernstein is a health care policy fellow at The Century Foundation, where she works on issues related to maternal and reproductive health.


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