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Ethiopia - AFRICA EAST- P167794- One WASHConsolidated Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene Account Project (One WASHCWA) - Procurement Plan (English)

14 October 2021




health africa environment energy education ethiopia environmental engineering federal government hydrology sanitation water resources energy demand water supply and sanitation energy and mining rural water energy and environment energy and extractives educational sciences revised plan date contract completion competitive procurement national procurement procurement transaction domestic preference nutrition and population procurement activities leased assets high sea water and human health town water supply and sanitation small private water supply providers water supply system water supply and sanitation economics procurement process science and technology development allocation of responsibility contract award information wash facility civil works water point health and sanitation sanitation and sewerage sanitary environmental engineering market approach file cabinets rejection of bid multi village water supply

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Ethiopia - AFRICA EAST- P167794- One WASH?Consolidated Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene Account Project (One WASH?CWA) - Procurement Plan
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Water Africa 3 (SAEW2)
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ET-One Wash-Consolidated Water Supply, Sanitation, And Hygiene Acc -- P167794
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