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S. RAJARATNAM SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES A Graduate School of Nanyang Technological University

6 July 2021


The Centre for N TS Studies was the positive outcome of the School’s success in Non-Traditional Security (NTS) research and Ambassador its role as the Secretariat of the Consortium Barry Desker, of N TS Studies in Asia. [...] Surin Pitsuwan, the ASEAN Secretary General, complimented RSIS for having “inspired a network of similar centres within the Asia-Pacific region! RSIS has becom e internationally renowned as a leading professional school of international affairs in Asia and a m ajor security-focused think tank because of the com m itm ent and scholarship of staff in the Schools centres and programmes. [...] ❖ A collaborative venture between RSIS and the Politics and Interna tional Studies Department of the University of W arwick to establish a joint postgraduate double degree programme in 2010 ❖ An invitation by the Center for Strategic Studies of the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) to partner them in teaching a component of its M aster of Advanced Study Programme in Security Policy and C. [...] The presence of such scholars enriches the intel lectual milieu of the School and provides many opportunities through informal seminars for the faculty and research staff to acquire additional perspectives and insights. [...] Besides the sponsors listed above, other major sources of funds include the M inistry of Defence, the M inis try of Home Affairs and the National Security Coordination Secretariat, which utilize RSIS's teaching and consultancy services, the M inistry of Foreign Affairs, which supports CSCAP and other Track II activities, as well as the Schools teaching programmes, including executive education pr.