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Memoirs of Korean conscripted worker in wartime Japan05-17-2021Author : Jeong Chung-hae

30 April 2021


The date of my induction was set at December 8—the day the Japanese referred to as the Anniversary of the Acceptance of the Imperial Rescript (commemorating the attack on Pearl Harbor). [...] I breathed a sigh of relief to know that I had dodged the bullet of being sent to work in the mines that I feared the most. [...] A deep breath of the salty air was soothing to the lungs, and there was something heartwarming in the lazy movement of fishing vessels on the still sea. [...] We all lined up in single file in front of the kitchen and took the bowls of rice and the side dish handed to us by the women working in the kitchen. [...] The room given to me was located to the right of the entrance.