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Labor Management Procedures OECS Data for Decision Making (P174986) (English)

9 November 2021




environmental health gender-based violence equal pay for equal work termination of employment code of conduct participating country occupational health and safety equality of opportunity convention on the rights of the child occupational safety and health workplace health and safety equality of treatment environmental and social impact law and regulation civil works risk of exposure environmental and social management framework international good practice machinery and equipment age of employment protection of workers grounds of race regulation of activity contract of employment employee will re terms and conditions of employment assessment of risk minimum age convention protection of child absence from work payment of wage health and safety regulation forced labour convention worst forms of child labour convention appropriate risk assessment right of association danger to life sale of child continuity of employment age of eighteen year promotion of employment

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Labor Management Procedures OECS Data for Decision Making (P174986)
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6O-Oecs Data For Decision Making -- P174986,P174986
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EFI-LCR-POV-Poverty and Equity
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