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Labor Management Procedures OECS Data for Decision Making (P174986) (English)

9 November 2021


The LMP identifies the main labour requirements and ensures that the engagement of project workers is completed in accordance with the requirements established in both the Labour Laws of the countries in which the project will be implemented (Grenada, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) and ESS2 (Labor and Working Conditions) of the World Banks Environmental and Social Framework (ESF [...] Description of the legislation capacity or another, in the achievement of adequate levels of safety and health; (d) communication and co-operation at the levels of the working group and the undertaking and at all other appropriate levels up to and including the national level; (e) the protection of workers and their representatives from disciplinary measures as a result of actions properly taken b [...] The occupational health and safety (OHS) measures of the project will be designed based on the guideline provided in the Environmental and Social Framework of the project, and will be implemented to address: (a) identification of potential hazards to project workers, particularly those that may be life threatening and those related to COVID-19. [...] In keeping with the Employment Act, the contractor shall keep proper wage records and time sheets for all those employed in relation to the execution of the contract, and the contractor shall produce the wage records and timesheets for the inspection of any person authorized by the project or the Labour authorities of Grenada. [...] In the case of project management staff, the point of contact will be the project manager, and similar in the respective countries or the Permanent Secretary of the respective sector.




environmental health gender-based violence equal pay for equal work termination of employment code of conduct participating country occupational health and safety equality of opportunity convention on the rights of the child occupational safety and health workplace health and safety equality of treatment environmental and social impact law and regulation civil works risk of exposure environmental and social management framework international good practice machinery and equipment age of employment protection of workers grounds of race regulation of activity contract of employment employee will re terms and conditions of employment assessment of risk minimum age convention protection of child absence from work payment of wage health and safety regulation forced labour convention worst forms of child labour convention appropriate risk assessment right of association danger to life sale of child continuity of employment age of eighteen year promotion of employment

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Labor Management Procedures OECS Data for Decision Making (P174986)
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