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Multilateral solutions for environmental action

18 November 2021


I am honoured to welcome Secretary Blinken to the United Nations in Nairobi. For almost 50 years, we at the United Nations Environment Programme have been proud to call Kenya โ€“ home to the only UN Headquarters located in the global south โ€“ the nerve centre of multilateral governance for the environment. Secretary Blinken, your presence today is hugely important. Your being here demonstrates that the United States wants to be part of the multilateral solutions that will keep environmental action up and running. We at UNEP have long benefited from a strong partnership with the United States. On environmental law. On reducing pollution. On promoting a green economy. On scientific leadership for the environment. And more recently, on methane reductions. Mr. Secretary, we have just concluded the climate change COP in Glasgow. If there is one clear takeaway for us, it is that we can keep the 1.5-degree goal alive. We can get there but it is up to us to make it happen.


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