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SRI LANKA REPORT - November, 2021

15 November 2021


From top to bottom: There is a culture of silence and shame around the sexual exploitation of boys in Sri Lanka; sexual violence occurs in school contexts for both girls and boys; sexual exploitation of boys is known to occur in the context of travel and tourism. [...] meet the needs of boys are scarce, ECPAT International launched the Global Boys’ The influence of gender norms around masculinity Initiative to explore the sexual exploitation and femininity are important to consider in of boys, activating our worldwide network of understanding child sexual exploitation and member organisations in a range of research and abuse, and we can observe that what is attr. [...] In July 1991, Sri Lanka of writing, it is the only South Asian country to be ratified the United Nations Convention on the part of this Convention.41 Rights of the Child (CRC),34 the most authoritative international law instrument on the rights of As a member of the South Asian Association for children to date. [...] Regional Cooperation (SAARC), Sri Lanka has also ratified a number of important instruments The Optional Protocol (to the CRC) on the that form the backbone of the regional response Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child to the sexual exploitation of children. [...] with eligible staff for the survey administrators These included their ideas related to the sexual from ECPAT Sri Lanka to further explain the exploitation of boys, exploring boys’ access to project, the consent process, and assist with these services, perceptions of the quality and self-administration of the survey via an online effectiveness of services in supporting boys, as link.