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18 November 2021


In recent years, important achievements have been made in the areas of prevention, legislative protection, child participation and research, as well as collaboration with private companies in the travel and tourism sector in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children in such contexts, both at the national level and in the main tourist destinations of the country. [...] One worker commented: “Fear of telling the truth of the facts, fear of the offender and fear of the authorities, because they have to remember and repeat the experiences and, in many cases, they do not have the best handling of them.” Support services It is essential to understand the perceived quality, usefulness and accessibility of support services related to child sexual exploitation and abuse. [...] “Within the criminal proceedings, the repair of the damage is sought in addition to the penalty of imprisonment for which a financial indemnification is made to the victims.” Those subjected to moral and psychological damages can also receive compensation, according to some of the respondents “It is considered as the reparation of moral damage, which is supported by psychological opinions, as well. [...] Both the young people who engaged in the conversations and the frontline workers who responded to the survey spoke about the need to improve the capacities of service providers. [...] Training courses are required as well as adaptation of the places where the care and support of parents and the community is provided to identify these problems in children and adolescents.” Another one mentioned the need for providing “comprehensive and quality care, having more personnel specialised in the subject.” 41 Child sexual exploitation and abuse online: Survivors’ Perspectives in Mexico.