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Puede leer aqui el panorama de País de ECPAT para Perú

24 November 2021


In 2021, official data among other things, the resignation of a president, shows that 66.7% of children not in school from the a closure of the parliament and a presidential ages of 6 to 16 declared that economic and family impeachment.4 According to the latest available problems were the main reason for not attending statistics from UNICEF, Peru had a population of 32.9 school.13 From April to Ju. [...] of children in establishment-based prostitution, Moreover, under law, municipalities can grant considering that 40.5% of reported cases of human licenses for the opening of commercial venues, trafficking were committed against children and including those where the prostitution of adults that most reported cases of human trafficking were can legally occur.51 In such a context, the sexual related t. [...] In particular, usage of the online child sexual exploitation.80 Of the 446 children Internet by children above 6 years old grew from between 11 and 18 years old who participated in 60.2% in 2019 to 70.3% in 2020 .71 The increasing the survey, 45.9% knew ‘sexting’ to be the willing use of mobile phones and the proliferation sharing of sexual content.81 However, 40.5% were of Internet access, althou. [...] Therefore, ‘sale of children’ is worth noting that this data only covers the number not necessarily related to sexual abuse and of cases of trafficking reported to the police and sexual or other forms of exploitation. [...] 128 sector and underlined the necessity for businesses in the sector to increase efforts to address the sexual exploitation of children in the context of their In Peru, child marriage predominantly affects girls.