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A framework for foresight intelligence - Part 1: Horizon scanning tailored to STOA's needs

25 November 2021


The first part of the STOA study 'A framework for technology foresight intelligence', this report includes a set of five horizon-scanning reports or 'radars', built with the resources of Futures Platform and covering several areas, including the world after Covid-19, disruptive futures, the Green Deal, food, and geoengineering. Horizon scanning is a discipline that could be harnessed to inform the future activities of the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) at both strategic and practical levels. However, as STOA does not have the working structure, human resources or expertise necessary for continuous scanning, for the horizon scans in this study it used Futures Platform. Futures Platform is a professional trends knowledge platform that collects and analyses information on phenomena such as technology, trends and signals, using AI-based tools and a team of foresight experts to anticipate future developments. These trends and signals were used to build a set of trend radars with a view to testing the feasibility of adding horizon scanning activities to STOA's methodological toolbox.



environment energy education food safety consumer protection transport research policy agriculture and rural development