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Thailand’s Reopening Strategy: Rationales and Prospects

14 October 2021


Viewing the Administration’s strategy in this light, it makes sense to reopen the borders very soon to maintain Thailand’s position as one of the world’s air connectivity hubs. [...] As the Delta variant is more contagious than the previous ones, many states have abandoned the “zero COVID-19” strategy and adopted a new approach of living with the virus. [...] Looking ahead, one of the pressing issues the government needs to address is “How to make the reopening sustainable?” Critics contended that about 50% of the population got their first dose of COVID-19 vaccines and only 34% of the residents are fully inoculated. [...] Despite the challenges, there are ways for the country to embrace international tourism and keep the virus under control. [...] Due to collaboration between Ministry of Tourism and Sport and the Ministry of Labour, this village in Chiang Mai province has been transformed into a tourist spot and hence improved the lives of the local people.