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กว่าจะมาเป็นประชาคมอาเซียน - ฐากูร พานิช - Thakur Phanit A

27 November 2021


After the First Summit in Bali in 1976, ASEAN became visibly more active, having put in place cooperation mechanism and identified areas of works. [...] Subsequent milestones in the progress of ASEAN cooperation include the formation of the AFTA and the Vietnamese membership. [...] The adoption of the ASEAN Charter in 2007 and the Kuala Lumpur Dec- laration on The Establishment of The ASEAN Community in 2015 are recent important milestones which highlight ASEAN’s achievement and the way forward. [...] Challenges in the years ahead will test the ability of ASEAN as a grouping in dealing with such important issues as geopolitical competition among the major powers, as well as internal questions among its members and pending membership enlargement. [...] Deutsch and others, Political Community and the North Atlantic Area : International Organization in the Light of Historical Experience (Princeton, New Jersy : Princeton University Press,1957); Leon N.