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Private Sector Data Policy Perspectives – Improving Data Availability for All - Saving Lives & Protecting

12 October 2020


• We have over 140 members • HMEI is the only industry association with a formal working agreement with the World Meteorological Organization. [...] We are the primary representative of the private sector to the broader Global Weather Enterprise • The HMEI secretariat is located at the WMO C O M P A N Y C O N F I D E N T I A L V. [...] 1 PRIVATE SECTOR DATA POLICY ISSUES • Many private sector companies are not simply hardware or service providers • They are providing data from the operation of their own observing systems, such as satellites, automated weather stations, lightning detection systems, air quality monitors and many other networks as well as crowd-sourced and derived data sets • Policy of free and open data presents a. [...] Lightning data needed for essential climate data • Distinguish between raw data and derivative products • Distinguish time delayed data vs. [...] real-time information • Distinguish between internal use and the right to share or distribute data • Create clear and enforceable data rights schemes • Innovate data marketplaces and other aggregation and dissemination platforms 7 7 US National.