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IDA - Health Watch 2 7 9 11

14 Oct 2021

What do you see for the future of the VA budget and what are the major policy issues? Do the VA’s shifting priorities change the investment/resourcing strategy? For the years that I’ve been at VA, there has been a lot of support for veterans. [...] For the people that use the VA system, we have seen them use the system more, and with the expansion of the MISSION Act [the VA Maintaining Integrated Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks Act of 2018, Public Law 115-182], we have seen veterans take advantage of more of the programs, for example, community care, urgent care, and others. [...] I see these trends in VA continuing, and to the extent that we are successful in attracting veterans, whether they are new or existing veterans to use the system, and they like the service and benefits they are receiving, I think you will see increases in the reliance on the VA system. [...] As we look to the future, what are the major management challenges that the VA will face? Are there actions the VA could take now to mitigate these challenges? Definitely some of the things we talked about, like getting our footprint right, getting facilities that are new and attractive, and it’s the modernization initiatives that are underway. [...] The VA secretary will use the selection criteria to make recommendations to the AIR Commission regarding the modernization and realignment of VHA facilities.
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