COUNTRY DASHBOARD 2019 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
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COUNTRY DASHBOARD 2019 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

3 October 2019


It identifies SUN MOVEMENT a wide range of desired results and associated indicators of progress across eight THEORY OF CHANGE domains in which the SUN Movement seeks to catalyze change and deliver nutrition impact. [...] Based on the data, Zimbabwe is progressing very well with Joined the SUN Movement in 2011 strong performance in the enabling environment, legislation for nutrition, and nutritoin- Population 16,530,000 related SDGs, as well as good coverage of high-impact interventions (with the exception (UNPD 2017) of interventions targeting children under five), high uptake of breastfeeding, and Income class Lo. [...] However, more could be done for (World Bank 2019) government investment in nutrition and scaling up a multi-sectoral approach to address Humanitarian risk class High the underlying drivers of nutrition and reduce the high prevalence of anaemia, (INFORM 2019) overweight/obesity, diabetes and hypertension among women. [...] A detailed description of the MEAL Results Framework and Lists of Indicators, including definitions and data sources, is available at . [...] Zimbabwe Enabling Environment As stakeholders from different sectors come together to build an enabling environment for improving nutrition, it results in a multi-stakeholder platform, functioning networks of nutrition actors, progress in the SUN Movement processes, integration of nutrition in development plans and improved nutrition information systems.

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