1 - Africa Research Notes - “WE MUST GET OUR ABLEST AND BEST
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1 - Africa Research Notes - “WE MUST GET OUR ABLEST AND BEST

13 July 2021


100 Africa Research Notes 2 July, 2021 Kiraitu is perhaps the best suited politician to Kiraitu was my immediate boss in the Joint shed light on the intense and complex political National Secretariat that managed the campaign dynamics unfolding in Kenya at the dawn of the for the 2010 Constitution and provided intellectual second decade of the 21st century. [...] government of the day to register the University The most prevalent is the view that “politics is a Academic Staff Union (UASU). [...] Few Kenyans are the 2008 post-election violence, the passing of the willing to elect a person of low morals, a criminal or National Accord and Reconciliation Act of 2008 a demagogue as the chairman of their residential that ended the violence and the formation of the association. [...] The fragmentation of the second with the ablest and the best in and outside politics. [...] The region is facing Kenya’s new constitution in 2010 carried the a double-succession, one the Kenyatta succession promise of deepening democracy, reforms under politics at the national level and second the heir the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) have been to Kenyatta’s mantle at the regional level.

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