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ANNUAL REPORT - 2018 - 2020

1 December 2021


Following this, the co-founders (Gilad Isaacs and Neil Coleman) and a reference group of (mainly young) The formation of the IEJ broadened and institutionalised, black intellectuals began laying the groundwork for work successfully undertaken through the National the establishment of the IEJ. [...] The research was a tool for The IEJ was founded to respond to the following key challenges: • The deficiencies in existing social and economic policies, and the ideas and research upon which they rest. [...] The people-centred approach asserts the • Coordinating a cohort of youth and civil society importance of not returning to the status quo, organisations and building their capacity following the end of the pandemic. [...] environment, the climate crisis, and economics: one on economic theory and policy, and another Opportunities for the future on how the environment is covered in the economics curriculum - at the 2019 and 2020 REFA Festivals, respectively. [...] feminism and economics: one on economics and • Pioneering new forms of intersectional budget the lived experiences of womxn, and one on the analysis and advocacy with Robert Bosch Stiftung teaching and learning of feminist economics - at (cross programmatic with the Macroeconomic the 2018 and 2020 REFA Festivals, respectively Policy programme).