Cameroon - Institutional transformations in 2017-2018 - 2018–2019 PRIORITIES
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Cameroon - Institutional transformations in 2017-2018 - 2018–2019 PRIORITIES

27 November 2018


Each network are not yet very involved in the coordi- 2018 54% also has its own action plan, with the nation, planning and implementation of exception of the private sector and the nutrition actions. [...] 2014 36% Ensuring a coherent policy and legal framework 2015 42% To make nutrition a national priority, strategy to help the operationalisation the Multi-Stakeholder Platform has of these policies. [...] on the ground to ensure the effectiveness There are plans to develop an advocacy of nutrition actions. [...] Despite there being Govern- aims to improve the performance of the ment allocations for nutrition-sensi- health system, nutrition financing will be 2018 21% tive actions, there is no Governmental mobilised under the national investment budget line dedicated to nutrition. [...] ORG/CAMEROON • Create a budget for the operational plan and • Organisation of a national workshop on chronic approval of strategic documents; malnutrition; • Implementation of activities planned for 2018 by • Organisation of a national forum on nutrition in the various SUN platforms; July 201.

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