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Nature-based Solutions in Action: - Lessons from the Frontline - Harnessing nature to address the triple emergency of

19 November 2021


Biodiversity loss and climate change are two of three interlinked emergencies — the other being poverty alleviation and sustainable, equitable development — and the Compact highlights how tackling biodiversity loss and climate change can contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and a green, inclusive and resilient recovery from COVID-19. [...] Both the ‘Leaders’ Pledge for Nature’, where they commit to Global Assessment29 of the Intergovernmental Science- reversing biodiversity loss by 2030, scaling up NbS and Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services addressing the interlinked societal challenges.35 The UK (IPBES) and the Climate Change and Land Report of the presidency of UNFCCC COP26 has presented nature as Intergovernme. [...] Achievements Climate change: The Humbo project became World Vision’s leaf litter fall and the return of grass to the hillsides, there first Clean Development Mechanism project, and the first is significantly less flooding, erosion and siltation of their of its kind in Africa to be registered by the World Bank. [...] The trust established between that would be required to adopt FMNR. The NGO’s office World Vision and the community delivered a platform for in Ethiopia and the support office in Australia formed a presenting the concept of a carbon and forestry project strong partnership and worked closely with specialists and gave the community confidence.  from the BioCarbon Fund of the World Bank and the consu. [...] As primary of the local natural capital and transparency in its caretakers of their household, women play a critical role management while valuing and strengthening existing in the sustainable management of the local environment traditional knowledge and local people’s ability to identify and biodiversity.