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15 November 2021


bases in precision strike capabilities, superiority guarantor of strategic Asia as well as the United in next-generation ISR, and ballistic stability in Asia, the United States’ closest allies in the missile defense developments at the States, and the will of the region. [...] The these systems, it is policymakers to seize the initiative, strategic forces balance of imperative for the United encourage public and private debates the future will include both States to develop a new like those of the early Cold War, and nuclear weapons and a paradigm for understanding realign the nuclear paradigm that still suite of capabilities and utilizing strategic grips the academic a. [...] nuclear weapons”), President Obama had already prepared the ground for the inclusion of the The answers to these questions should inform “catastrophic consequences” principle in the final investment and document of the New York modernization priorities The environmental impact of nuclear conference. [...] been amply evidenced by the over 2000 nuclear tests carried out in deserted and uninhabited OPINION – Carlo Trezza areas, while the dangers of radiation have also The Environmental Dimension of the Use of been demonstrated by the major accidents at the Nuclear Weapons civilian nuclear power plants of Chernobyl and Fukushima. [...] environmental side of the nuclear coin Source: The author is former have intensified in parallel with the Ambassador to the CD, Nonetheless, the growing nightmare of climate change Former Chairman of the international community and the increase of nuclear risks.