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22 December 2021


To link up with [Person of the steps, the Stack is alleged to have “pushed forward alongside Ten.]”116 Person One then instructed the Leadership Signal Chat a mob that aggressively advanced towards the east side Rotunda to “come to the South Side of Capitol on steps” with a photograph doors” at the central east entrance to the Capitol.124 of the southeast side of the Capitol.117 At 2:31 PM, Person. [...] Stack Two members Minuta and point, the secondary group allegedly took up positions at the front James reached the entrance to the Capitol Rotunda at 3:17 PM, of the law enforcement perimeter around the east side of the Capitol where James allegedly “yanked and pushed” several of the riot building.122 officers who had formed a barrier between the lobby and the Capitol At 2:35 PM, the main group of. [...] The only remaining notable data points offered in public charging documents by the Department of Justice are highly illustrative of the government’s position as it relates to the actions at At present, public filings have not identified the content of the phone calls obtained from the Oath Keepers devices, merely the records indicating sender and recipient of phone calls. [...] Even in the absence of a federal northeast corner of the building.130 indictment, Rhodes’ future as leader of the Oath Keepers remains an As the omnibus conspiracy case against the Oath Keepers open question as longstanding internal grievances within the group continues toward a pair of trial dates in 2022, several of those rise to the surface.137 Additionally, the membership data leak has charged. [...] C., as well as the exact content of the numerous to prominent public events.138 reported conversations between Person One, Person Ten, and the While Rhodes admitted to being questioned by the FBI in co-defendants during the morning and afternoon of January 6 as relation to his role in the Oath Keepers conspiracy on January 6 they allegedly converged on the Capitol—remain outside the scope followin.