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Body size‐ and season‐dependent diel vertical migration of mesozooplankton resolved acoustically in the San Diego Trough

25 November 2021


Pearson product–moment correlations were used to test with the highest concentrations observed in summer and for a relationship between the amplitude of DVM and the lower concentrations in autumn and winter. [...] TSΔ across the entire range considered shape, with the amplitude proportional to the square of the of 15 to 28 dB was dominated or showed a strong contribu- wavenumber and the volume. [...] However, the availability of Behavioral differences between small and large scatterers independent, optical Zoocam assessments of the composition of Daytime depths and vertical migration speeds of large, inter- the zooplankton in the water column helped constrain the prob- mediate, and small scatterers differed, with progressively lem. [...] 2019), perhaps tive relationship between length of day and vertical migration due to the hydrodynamically efficient design of the glider hull speed and a positive relation to daytime depth (Tarling and camera system, combined with the low detectability of red et al. [...] The center line in the boxplots represents the median, the upper line is the 75% and the lower the 25% quantile, with whiskers indicating the smallest or largest value within 1.5 times the interquartile range above the 75th percentile.