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The language debate in South Africa: Using large-scale data to contribute to policy and practice in selected languages Nompumelelo Mohohlwane

2 October 2019


▪ Therefore mastery of Home Language and English is necessary for successful learning 5 ▪ Substantial research on learner performance and the quality of Existing learning and teaching internationally and nationally, however,there is limited research on the language of instruction. [...] language literature ▪ The existing literature and research on African languages has largely focused on: - Language and identity (Maluleke 2005)-selection of specific words in Bible translations from English to vernacular languages and the commentary on African identity - Power of language in access, identity and social transformation (Janks & Makalela 2013) - A case for the use of mother tongue in. [...] 7 Language in education policies 8 What are the National Education Policy Act (NEPA) 1996 education • Determination of national education policy by Minister of policies on Education after consultation with provincial heads language? • Function of the Minister as determining the language • Functions of provinces as coordinating administrative actions and implement national policy South African Scho. [...] Policy as text and discourse 23 ▪ Policy as contested representation encoded and decoded in Policy as text complex ways (Ball, Bowe et al) and discourse ▪ “always in a state of 'becoming', of 'was' and 'never was' and'not quite” ▪ Very act of writing policy results from contestation and thus a compromise between different interest groups ▪ The formal policy document is an incomplete understanding. [...] ▪ Policy is reinterpreted by readers, implementers and critics and thus policy is constantly being reshaped 24 The development of Afrikaans 25 How did First colonisation (Dutch) Afrikaans ▪ Introduction of Dutch then Afrikaans of official lang develop? Second colonisation (British) Governance ▪ English enforced as the official language and politics Great Trek (Pretoria) ▪ Afrikaans as the official.