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Dossiê Dossiê Brazil-Africa Brazil-Africa

28 Aug 2014

and Vazquez, These initiatives involve more than 100 partners in the public and private sectors of Education (both the Brazilian Coordination for the Improvement of Higher K Brazil and Sub-Saharan across the whole of SSA.11 Education Personnel and the Secretariat of Higher Education) and the Ministry of Africa: Partnerships for Science Technology and Innovation (through the National Council for Sc. [...] To achieve this goal, SENAI works through bilateral cooperation other countries and therefore maintained a fairly close relationship with the Brazilian arrangements with the Brazilian Cooperation Agency and in direct partnerships with Government in the process of identifying the supply of international cooperation and the private sector, acting as a bridge for public-private initiatives in the sub. [...] Among economic growth and socioeconomic development in SSA and as such must be the reasons for the private sector to govern and fund SENAI was the concern in line with the local job market to ensure the employability of the professionals that the Brazilian government would not have the necessary resources or the and apprentices trained. [...] After an incubation Professionals for the Industrial Plant of the Angolan Bioenergy Company (BIOCOM), period, the centers are transferred to the local government, who assumes the full which works in a consortium with Odebrecht, Sonengol, the state oil company of responsibility to maintain the infrastructure and ensure the quality and relevance of Angola and the Angolan group Damer. [...] the overall coordination of the project, while SENAI and the National Institute of Employment and Vocational Training were responsible for the implementation of the Knowledge sharing and technology transfer.
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