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No. 74 December 7, 2021 - IN THIS ISSUE - Stand with the Wet'suwet'en

17 December 2021


1 Some of the many manifestations of support for the struggle of the Wet’suwet’en and First Nations hereditary rights include demonstrations, blockades of railroads, fundraising campaigns, petitions and letter campaigns, new music, art, interviews and articles and more. [...] “Every day the struggle is growing with more people standing up against the injustices perpetuated by industry and government, and for a world where Indigenous Sovereignty is respected and fossil fuels are left in the ground.” Calls for support include: - Come to Camp - Host a solidarity rally or action in your area. [...] Using axes, chainsaws, assault rifles, and attack dogs, the RCMP arrested over 30 people including legal observers, journalists, Indigenous elders, and matriarchs who were defending their territory from the construction of the Coastal Gaslink pipeline — a pipeline threatening the sacred waters of the Wedzin Kwa that is being shoved through at gunpoint without the consent of the Hereditary Chiefs. [...] The RCMP raid has resulted in waves of protests and railway blockades across the country, as people from coast to coast unite to support the right of Indigenous self-determination. [...] The targeting of Gray is part of a larger pattern of colonial violence in which the Canadian state collaborates with corporations to criminalize Indigenous Land Defenders for the sake of industry interests.