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FORM NO. 10B [ See rule 17B]

23 June 2021


10B [ See rule 17B] Audit report under section 12A(b) of the Income-tax Act, 1961, in the case of charitable or religious trusts or institutions I have examined the balance sheet of ENVIRONICS TRUST , AAATE1210E [name and PAN of the trust or institution] as at 31/03/2020 and the Profit and loss account for the year ended on that date which are in agreement with the books of account maintained by t. [...] Whether the trust has exercised the option under clause No (2) of the Explanation to section 11(1) ? If so, the details of the amount of income deemed to have been applied to charitable or religious purposes in India during the previous year ( ) 3. [...] Whether any part of the income or property of the trust was lent, or continues to be lent, No in the previous year to any person referred to in section 13(3) (hereinafter referred to in this Annexure as such person)? If so, give details of the amount, rate of interest charged and the nature of security, if any. [...] Whether any part of the income or property of the trust was made, or continued to be No made, available for the use of any such person during the previous year? If so, give details of the property and the amount of rent or compensation charged, if any. [...] Whether any income or property of the trust was diverted during the previous year in No favour of any such person? If so, give details thereof together with the amount of income or value of property so diverted 8.