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RESPONDING WITH EQUALITY - Working Group 2 of the Global Commission on Democracy

20 December 2021


Oxfam acknowledges the assistance of Nabil Ahmed, Max Lawson and Julie Seghers, of members of and expert advisers to the Global Commission on Democracy and Emergencies, and the input of Véronique Choquette, María Fernanda Robayo and Rubén Campos of Club de Madrid in its production. [...] These measures have reduced the between 2009 and 2018 CEO salaries and shareholder role of the state and have put the interests of the few pay-outs among corporations listed on France’s above the needs of the many, driving up inequality CAC 40 stock index increased by 60% and 70% in regions across the world.4 Even the IMF, a strong respectively, while the average salary of their workers proponent. [...] Institutions including the World Bank,24 the IMF,25 the OECD,26 Crédit Suisse27 and the World Economic Forum28 have projected that the pandemic will trigger 5 RESPONDING WITH EQUALITY A growing In the first few months of the pandemic, while the rich few were quickly recovering, job losses, reduced economic divide working hours and quarantine were decimating the livelihoods of the many. [...] the crisis.75 Between 2020 and 2021, the number of These tactics have helped the company to achieve countries impeding the registration of unions also near-monopolistic market power, and to make Jeff increased from 89 to 109,76 and the rights to strike and Bezos the richest man in the world.68 to collectively bargain were violated in 87% and 79% of countries respectively in 2021.77 The consequence. [...] The coronavirus pandemic must mark the end of The international community must also recognize the extreme wealth and growing monopoly power that, while for some wealthier nations the worst of the that give the richest undue influence over policy pandemic may have passed, the crisis is far from over making.