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23 December 2021


He also singled out polarization, populism published at roughly the same time as the first reports and the weakening of the multilateral system – factors of the new coronavirus disease were reaching the World loosely associated with democratic backsliding Health Organization, also points out that distrust is around the world – as emerging consequences of the driven by a growing sense of inequity a. [...] THE CHALLENGE OF LEADERSHIP IN EMERGENCIES Just as one does not build a ship in the middle of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, signals of an a storm, it is hard to build trust while governing impending emergency were largely ignored in large effectively in the challenging policy environment of an parts of the world, as Western leaders chose to treat emergency situation. [...] The evolution of a spotlight on the multiple challenges facing political epidemiological and clinical data also led to policy leaders in a crisis environment, where the attributes reversal on key elements of the COVID-19 response of trustworthy leadership vary from what they are in across the globe, including mask-wearing and the use normal circumstances. [...] In the particular context of COVID-19, “civil society is instrumental in Finally, emergency situations pose enormous building and maintaining trust in the health system”, challenges for political leaders who are accountable affirmed the Office of the UN High Commissioner for for the delivery of public services and assistance. [...] It also requires the state to have the capacity consultation with civil society to plan the phasing down to respond to rapid surges in the demand for certain of the restrictions once the emergency subsides.