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24 December 2021


The Global This issues paper aims to summarize the key outcomes Commission and its three Working Groups seek to of the first WG 1 meeting as well as previous supporting formulate actionable policy recommendations within documents1, in order to guide the discussion of the the thematic areas of “Mechanisms of democracy second meeting of the Working Group. [...] is to agree on a set of thematic areas on which policy recommendations could be developed to enhance the WG1 was entrusted to map and summarize the impact ability of democracies to deliver before, during, and after of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mechanisms of emergencies, whilst protecting democratic institutions, democracy, understood as democratic institutions rights, and principles. [...] DEFINING EMERGENCIES The discussions of the first Working Group meeting Earlier discussions, including during the first plenary drew attention to the importance of defining which session of the Global Commission in late April as well types of emergencies the Global Commission wished as the Background Paper of the Global Commission to include in its analysis and address in its policy further narrow. [...] More than half the countries in the world also restricted freedom of expression with the justification of trying to In some countries, the pandemic was also used as a limit the spread of disinformation related to the virus. [...] Courts should review the constitutionality and legality of any declaration of a state of emergency while evaluating the proportionality of the restrictions Governments should take affirmative action to “fill the and assessing the procedural fairness of the information space” with facts and evidence-based emergency legislation.